Smooth Base Coat Somfis 15ml


Base coat of moderate fluidity. Suitable for all types of nails.

Can be applied prior to gel polish, builder gel, acrygel or acrylic nail powder.

For professional nail technicians only.

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1.Prep the nail and cuticle for best adhesion and apply a coat of Super Bond With Vitamins

  1. Shake the Smooth Base well and apply a thin coat. Cure for 30’’ in the SoLED Multi Nail Lamp . Tip: Cap the free edge to avoid chipping.

3.Shake the gel nail polish of your choice very well to ensure the pigment is properly mixed. This also allows for a smoother color application.

4.Apply a thin coat of color and cure for 30’’ in the SoLED Multi Nail Lamp. 

  1. Apply a second layer of color and cap the free edge again.
  2. Shake your preferred Top Coat very well, apply a thin layer and cap the free edge to seal in the color.
  3. Remove the tacky layer on the Top Coat with the Nail Twin Cleanser Prep & Wipe


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