Rubber Color Base Color Flakes by Somfis 15ml CB6


Rubber Color Base is an elastic and resistant base coat with color. Easy to use and ideal for maximum durability.

Suitable for all types of nails and especially for nails that tend to crack.

For professional nail technicians only.


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1.Prep the nail and cuticle for best adhesion and apply a coat of Super Bond With Vitamins

  1. Shake the Rubber Color Base well and apply one coat. Cure for 30’’ in the SoLED Multi Nail Lamp . Tip: Cap the free edge to avoid chipping.

3.You can either continue the process by applying the gel nail polish of your choice and top coat

  1. Or you can apply 3-4 layers of Rubber Color Base with 30’’curing in between layers with the SoLED Multi Nail Lamp and seal with a Top Coat. This way you keep the Rubber Color Base’s shade.

5.Alternatively, another way to use the Rubber Color Base is to enhance the manicure’ durability, same way the Gel Tonic or Brush On does:

Shake the Rubber Color Base well and apply a layer to create a slippery surface. Without curing, you apply a generous drop of Rubber Color Base on the upper middle part of the nail and with the brush you distribute the product on the nail as seen in the video below.


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