S227 Nail Gel Polish Somfis 15ml

The 11 strong points a Somfis Uv/led nail polish!

·         Easy application!    

·         Easy removal!    

·         Intense coverage!

·         Rich color palette!

·         Long duration in natural nail!

·         Glossy until removal!

·         Does not gather!

·         Not curdle!

·         No wrinkle!

·         No need of primer  and  filing!

·         Excellent quality at a good price!



1.     Thoroughly clean the surface of the nail from cuticle and nail cuticle.    

2.    Buffer slightly (as you do in a simple manicure) and clean the claw from the dust with a brush. Then clean the claw with Somfis  Twin Cleanser.   

3.    Apply a thin layer of Base Coat and then polymerize in LED lamp for 30 seconds or in a UV lamp  for 120 seconds.   

4.    Apply a very thin layer of color and then polymerize in a LED lamp for 30 seconds or in a UV lamp for 120 seconds.    

5.    Apply the second layer of color and polymerize similarly.  

6.    Apply a thin coat of Top Coat and polymerize it in a LED lamp for 30 seconds or in a UV lamp for 120 seconds.  

7.     Finally remove the sticky substance with Twin Cleanser.


Removal in 2 ways:

1)  With the Steam ON Auto Gel Remover!

2)  With foil wrapping.


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