About us

The company - Objectives – Vision

Creating Somfis company based on the idea of ​​an innovative business that was taking advantage of the opportunities opened up in the field of nail care.

The company focuses on the production, sale and distribution of products for nails, in order to meet the need of every professional for a high quality service.

Somfis products is a result of extensive research and long experience in the field of nail care.

Today our company, despite the difficult economic situation and the short presence in the field, has managed to achieve the required qualification and has built excellent business relationships with nail technicians all over Greece.

Looking ahead, the Somfis aims to continue its dynamic growth and consolidation in the field, in terms of high expertise, innovation and responsible entrepreneurship.

Always aim high and we demand the best, in principle by ourselves.
We are dedicated to providing excellent service to ensure long-term partnerships and satisfied customers.

Our values

  • Integrity: Professional ethics, fairness, honesty, transparency is for us values ​​as important as success. At the end of each day, we want to be proud not only of the targets achieved but also of how we achieved them.
  • Innovation: We believe that only if we think outside and beyond the standards, we can make the difference. Before each step of our business, we think new and innovative ways we can find to offer the best quality and service.
  • Respect: For us every customer is unique. This means that we understand their needs and expectations, giving first priority to respect for personality.